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Fan Fiction: Destiny Can Wait , Chapter 1, Rated Teen

Title: Destiny Can Wait
Author: stephanie_fics
Time Frame: RotS
Characters: Anakin, Padmé, Obi-Wan, Luke, Leia, Palpatine.
Genre: AU, Drama, Romance, Action
Rating: Teen
Summary: Before Anakin pledges himself to the Sith he feels Padmé is in trouble. When he goes to her it changes the course of events. Together they go into hiding to protect their twins but Anakin still has a destiny to fulfill and demons to overcome.

List of chapters

Chapter 1 – Change of Plans

There’s a warmth in my heart
It haunts me when you’re gone
Mend me to your side and never let go
Say ‘time knows nothing, we’ll never grow cold’


Anakin waited in the Jedi Council Chambers just as Master Windu told him to. Palpatine's words repeated in his head, "Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any Jedi. The power to save Padmé."

He hated sitting in that room, waiting, feeling helpless. He was a Jedi. The Chosen One meant to bring balance to the Force. He should be able to stop the Sith Lord. He should be powerful enough to save Padmé. Padmé - how was he going to save her? If he joined Palpatine and learned the ways of the Dark Side he could gain that knowledge.

He couldn’t go against the Jedi and everything they taught him. They were his family. Yet - if they were planning to take over and betray the Republic then he could not stand by them. Everything they taught him would be a lie. Anakin already knew there were things about the Force the Jedi were not telling him. They were afraid of him. He could become the most powerful Jedi. He could then save Padmé.

Anakin stood up and walked to the window to look at the Senatorial Apartments. He closed his eyes and focused his mind on Padmé. He could see her standing by her window in her green velvet gown rubbing her hands on her belly. He could feel her eyes on him and feel her breath on his skin. Three hearts were beating in his ears. He was standing right in front of her but he could not touch her. Losing her was not something he could allow to happen.


Padmé stood at the window of her apartment looking past the traffic and her own reflection to the Jedi Temple. She held her breath with worry as her mind wandered to Anakin. In the past few months she saw a change in him and knew it was related to his frustrations with the Council and the war. He wouldn’t willingly talk about it with her. He was convinced he needed to save her from death. She had noticed he stopped sleeping at night. Not that that would matter in a few weeks with a newborn, but it was breaking her heart to watch her beloved evolve into…into a darker person. What exactly did he mean when he said he found a way to save her from his nightmares?

If only they could escape to Naboo, just the two of them and live a normal life. She caught her own strange reflection in the window of a woman who looked worried and frightened. If Anakin were here his mere presence would lift her spirits. She began to imagine he was in the room, her body wrapped in his embrace and his familiar scent filled the air. Padmé took in a deep breath. On an exhale she felt her baby kick against her palm.

The twins she was carrying were already strong in the Force, like their father. It was the Force that felt this was their time to come into the world. Suddenly Padmé felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and a warm current flow down her legs. She screamed and bent over in pain. This can't be happening, Padmé thought.

Threepio walked over "Mistress Padmé, are you all right?"

Padmé with a pain to her gut she took a breath, "Send a message to Anakin on his comlink. Tell him I need him to come here right away. Then call Captain Typho and tell him to send a team to the medical center."


Padmé – Anakin couldn't live without her. He was given a chance to save her and time was running out. How can I stand by and watch her die?

The Jedi would destroy Palpatine tonight. That has been their goal. Find Sidious and kill him. Padmé’s life matter more than anything, even his own soul. If he left now he could stop the Jedi from killing the Chancellor. Pushing aside his doubts, his hesitation and his fear he turned from the window.

With one more look back at 500 Republica he whispers, "I'm doing this for you, my love." Reaching across the city he brushed her skin.

Turning back again he felt a phantom knife stab his abdomen so strong he crouched to the floor. He grabbed the point of pain expecting to feel a wound and blood. He quickly realized it was Padmé who was the one in pain. He reached out to her again and saw her in his mind crouching on the floor.

A string of angry curses escaped his lips. It was too soon. How was he going to save her without Palpatine’s knowledge? He heard the Sith’s promise in his head. This was his only chance to save his wife. He could gain the power and knowledge to change fate this time. Three years ago Anakin knew he wasn’t strong enough to save his mother despite coming to her too late.

A scream echoed through his ears, the same scream from his vision. Padmé was scared. Anakin, I need you. Please. Pulling himself to his feet Anakin knew there was no time to go to Palpatine first. He had to save Padmé with his own strength and knowledge of the Force. If he left now it wouldn’t be too late. Before he even got Threepio's message he ran to his speeder to go to her.


"Padmé! Where are you?" Anakin ran into the apartment looking for her in every room.

"Anakin?" he heard her voice and saw Threepio walk out of the bedroom with her clothes folded in his golden arms.

"Master Anakin, something has happened to Miss Padmé! A horrible stomach ache, indigestion I think."

Anakin ran into the bedroom and saw Padmé crouching on the floor trying to pack a bag. "Padmé, let me do that."

He walked to the closet and refresher and threw some of her clothes and other necessities into the bag, without even folding them or caring what he packed. As Anakin helped Padmé stand up she said, "We have to leave now.”

Anakin helped Padmé into the speeder. Threepio and Artoo insisted on coming along so they sat in the back. Anakin started racing to a private med center, one where most politicians and celebrities went when they didn’t want the story getting out to the media. He was nervous and kept looking over at Padmé. Her face was scrunched up from the pain. She bit down on her lip so hard it turned white.

"How far apart are the contractions?"

"Every 11 minutes, 38 seconds." Threepio chimed in. Threepio was concerned about his mistress. He had never seen a human suffer so much from a stomachache. “Artoo, do you think the medical droids will be able to help Mistress Padmé with her indigestion?”

Artoo beeped and whistled giving him with a condescending answer.

“You don’t have to be rude. How was I supposed to know she’s in labor? According to my calendar she’s not due for another 20 days.”

Anakin swerved in and out of air traffic lanes, surpassing every car that dared slow him down. Didn’t they know they should get out of his blasted way?

"We're almost there, just breathe. Here, take my hand."

Padmé took deep breaths. She had time before her next contraction and she wanted to discuss baby names. "Anakin, if it's a boy I want to name him Luke."

Anakin repeated the name in his head and smiled, "Sounds like a good name. How did you come with Luke?"

“I like the meaning, bringer of light and knowledge. Also I think it sounds good with Skywalker.” She smiled at Anakin.

Anakin was surprised she decided to give their child his surname. Of course he wanted his child to have his name but he could imagine Padmé arguing how the baby should be named Naberrie to hide the paternity from the Jedi. With pride Anakin squeezed her hand and kissed it. “It does. What if it’s a girl?”

"You can choose since you think we are having a girl."

“We are.”

“OK, well if you are so sure then I’m sure you have thought of a name for her,” Padmé teased.

He frowned. Actually Anakin hadn't thought about names. His mind was preoccupied with other matters, particularly how to save Padmé. He still wasn’t sure how he would do so today and the thought weighed on him like a ton of bricks. Racking his brain while swerving through space lanes he thought what not only would sound good with Skywalker but what would fit perfectly for the girl’s life Force he had sensed. Then a name came to him. “Leia.”

Padmé looked at him suspiciously. “Have you been reading my mind?”

“No. I just came up it now.”

“That is what I was going to name her, if we do have a girl.”

“I thought you said–”

“I know, but it’s always good to have a back up.” Then she felt another contraction and screamed. Anakin tried concentrating on the air traffic but it was difficult with the sensors in his prosthetic hand getting crushed.

"Sorry, Ani."

"Master Anakin, look out!"

Anakin swiveled the speeder back into his lane and then allowed the Force to guide him all the way to the med center.


At the top of the Senate Office Building two clashing lightsabers, one crimson red the other amethyst, could be seen through the panoramic window. It is where Darth Sidious and Mace Windu were fighting to the death.
Both had a clear purpose to fight. Master Windu fights for the Republic and all it stood for: peace, democracy, civilization, and he fights for the Jedi Order. Darth Sidious has been a mastermind for years and carefully planed everything to get to this point. He will have ultimate power. He will eliminate the Jedi.

The panoramic glass shattered and Master Windu had the now defenseless Sith Lord cornered on the edge of the frame. “You are under arrest, my lord.”

The amethyst blade was only inches away from his face. His reflexes brought his hands up to protect himself. Sidious looked away from the Jedi hoping to find another walking through the door. Something was wrong, deeply wrong with this picture. There was a disturbance in the Force. Sidious felt a drastic change. Anakin was not here, nor would he be coming. Something – no someone had distracted him. Sidious had put his trust in Anakin to be here. He told the boy the Jedi were planning to take over, to assassinate him. The seeds of doubt had been planted and this was the perfect set up to convince Anakin it was not mere speculation.

Now his plans would not go as he had foreseen. He had to think fast. The Dark Lord had not worked this long and hard to be defeated. The Sith shall have their revenge.

Master Windu too felt a shift in the Force surrounding Sidious’ shatterpoint. Anakin was his shatterpoint. He has put his trust in the boy and that trust was broken. There were no fault lines, no clear breaks. Solid. Earlier Skywalker asked to come along but Master Windu had felt that the Chosen One was too conflicted and filled with fear so he ordered him to stay behind. Perhaps that was a mistake, but he pushed past that question to do what he came to do. Destroy the Sith.

Sidious’ eyes turned yellow and his voice sounded darker, “No. Now you will die.”

Force Lighting flowed out of Sidious’ fingers. In an instant Mace blocked the energy with his blade and directed it back toward the Sith. The intensity, heat and power began to melt his skin and distort the older man’s features. The smell of his heated flesh was sickening. The pain was so unbearable he thought his head would explode, but Sidious did not care. He had enough strength to hold the lighting till he overpowered the Jedi Master. Anger and hate fueled his power and gave him focus. The Dark Lord stood up, his need to look helpless now unnecessary.

Eventually Master Windu, for all his mastery of the Force and his skill with his blade found himself on the losing end. He was heartbroken for he was failing the Republic. Perhaps Yoda would succeed where he could not. Before the Jedi knew what was happening he lost his grip on his lightsaber.

“Unlimited power!” Darth Sidious shouted while still attacking with lightening. He lifted Master Windu into the air and dropped him into the abyss below. If the Jedi Master screamed he didn’t know for it fell on deaf ears. The body became a spec as it disappeared into the darkness of the underworld.

Without remorse or regret Sidious took a robe from the closet and draped the hood over his head. Signaling Mas Amedda on the intercom he ordered, “Track down Senator Amidala, immediately.”


Padmé was set up in a private room. Shortly after settling in Padmé’s security showed up to not only protect the Senator but also make sure the news did not leak into the media’s hands. Anakin was by her side giving her ice chips, helping her count through the seconds of each contraction and trying to ease her pain with simple Jedi healing techniques. He was helping her more than he thought so the fact that he had been asking if she was okay repeatedly for the past six hours was getting on Padmé’s nerves. With a sideways glare as she crunched on ice she knew Anakin had gotten the message to stop asking after every contraction. If he were not her husband and the father of her child she would have asked him to leave hours ago. Threepio was sitting in the corner. Anakin shut him down because he was making everyone nervous when he was stating the odds on the survival rate of premature infants. Artoo stood near by, ready to holorecord the birth.

Anakin tried not to let his worry show. He feared at any moment he would lose Padmé and possibly the baby. He couldn’t let that happen, so he would use all the power he could find to save her.

Two medical droids came in, one the programmed obstetrician the other a programmed pediatric nurse. "How are you holding up, Miss Naberrie?" the first droid asked.

Padmé couldn't even answer since she was trying to get through the last seconds of another painful contraction.

After the droid examined her it said, "Ten centimeters. I think we are ready to begin. On the next contraction I want you to push."

"Okay, here we go." Padmé grabbed Anakin's real hand and started pushing. As she put all her strength into the task Anakin opened himself to the Force to feel the state his wife was in. He felt her pain and struggle but he did not feel her life Force diminishing. Could his premonition have been wrong? Now that he though back on it, nothing of the moment felt familiar to the vision.

A minute later the droid held up the baby and announced, "It's a girl."

"Leia," Padmé whispered. The nurse droid took her over to the side to clean her up.
Anakin sighed with relief. She gave birth and everything was all right. Both parents looked at their daughter as she was screaming, filling her lungs with air. Ten toes, ten fingers and a health cry. He and Padmé looked at each other and kissed.

“I told you we were having a girl. You should never doubt a Jedi,” Anakin teased.

"The other one should be along in a few minutes," the droid's gentle voice said.

Their eyes widened and in unison said, "The other one?"

"Yes, didn't you know you were having twins?"


"Well, what a surprise then! Time to push."

As tired and sore as Padmé was she did so.

The droid was preparing to deliver when it noticed something, "Oh no."

Anakin’s fear and worry returned, "What is it?"

"The baby is breach, but not to worry. Miss Naberrie, you will just have to push harder since the baby is in a more difficult position."

Padmé tried as best as she could. "I - I-can't." She slummed back onto the bed. Her face was red with stress and wet with sweat. Her hair was matted against her skin. Anakin felt her fatigue and knew she just wanted to sleep.

"Padmé," Anakin looked deeply into her brown eyes, "you can do this. I know you can." He squeezed her hand and kissed her cheek. “I love you.” He put his arm around her back and helped her sit up. “We’ll do this together.”

They looked deep into each other’s eyes. With determination Anakin completely opened himself and Padmé to the current of the Force. He sent her calming waves and concentrated on trying to help her through her pain and exhaustion to give her the strength she need to push. For that moment it were as if they were one person and she could feel the Force flowing through her whole body. She no longer felt pain but the euphoric state of floating on her back down a stream. Unsure of where the stream was taking her but she relinquished control to the power she trusted to guide her. She was relaxed and lost in a hypnotic trance. She was brought back to reality when she heard the sound of her child crying.

"It's a boy, Padmé. We have one of each." She saw her husband’s eyes beaming with awe and pride as he looked upon their son.

Padmé wasn't even aware that she had given birth. "Is he all right?"

The nurse droid checked his vitals and answered, "He appears to be a very strong baby boy, but we will take him to NICU to be sure. It's procedure."

"Can I hold him?"

“One moment,” the droid ordered the nurse as he finished up with Padmé and checked her vitals. When it was finished the nurse handed Luke to her.

Anakin and Padmé looked down at their son. Anakin could already feel that the Force was strong with Luke and he knew he was not affected by his difficult birth.

"Do we have a name for the little one before we send him to NICU?"

"Luke" Anakin said. The nurse then handed him his daughter. Unsure and nervous he took her in his arms. He was afraid to drop her and crush her at the same time.

Padmé looked over at Anakin. They were parents to twins. They knew having a baby would change their lives but having two was going to be more of a challenge, and they still had so much to figure out. In this moment though as Padmé protectively held Luke and Anakin carefully held Leia they didn't care because they knew their children were a blessing. They could handle anything that came their way.


As Padmé slept Anakin sat besides the fiberglass crib looking down at his sleeping daughter. Visiting hours were over but Anakin convinced the nurse to let him stay a while longer by implying he was part of Padmé’s security team. He wanted to make sure everything truly was all right. He didn't understand the significance of his nightmare but was relieved he was wrong for once. It was the first time in his life that a vision had not become true.

He watched the small baby in her peaceful slumber, taking in every feature. Leia was all bundled and wrapped neatly in a standard pink blanket and her tiny hands curled against her chin. Still captivated by the baby, though she didn’t do much but sleep and eat, he kept looking for signs of himself in his daughter. She’s all Padmé, he thought. Thinking of Luke, Anakin hoped they would bring him to the private room soon, another baby to capture his attention.

Anakin ran a hand through his hair. Krife, I’m a father. He knew he was to become one but knowing and feeling were very different. Was he even capable of this job? Did he even know how to be a father and give his children all they needed? Never mind the Council’s objections and repercussions for disobeying the code, how was he going to handle the responsibility of FATHERHOOD?

Sensing her cue Leia opened her eyes and looked up at her father. He noticed her eyes appeared darker from earlier and now had a light brown tint. They just looked at each other taking the other in. Anakin was unsure why she had awakened without a cry and didn’t know if he should pick her up, leave her be, or wake Padmé. So he just smiled down at her. Mimicking his expression Leia reached out her hands toward her father. He hadn’t realized he was trembling so he stretched his arms to steady them and then delicately picked her up. Safely cradled in his embrace he sat back. Naturally he wanted to rock back and forth but quickly realized the chair was incapable of doing so. He placed her little hand in his and she grabbed his index finger. He kissed her tiny hand, which caused Leia to make a strange, tiny noise.

Stealing a glance at Padmé he saw she was still sleeping. His eyes drifted back to the small brown ones watching him. Barely above a whisper Anakin began to sing to his daughter. Slowly the melody and rhythm coaxed Leia back to sleep. Maybe I won’t be so bad at this.

"She already has you wrapped around her finger," Padmé said softly as she looked over at them. Anakin agreed with a smile.

Through heavy, tired eyes she watched Anakin holding their daughter. She had always been a light sleeper and Anakin’s voice, though low so not to disturbed her, still had awoken Padmé. She had watched with pure joy how Leia had his undivided attention. With the night’s excitement over and morning creeping up Padmé knew many things in their life were about to change. She had never wanted or asked Anakin to leave the Order for her, but seeing her husband put their daughter back to sleep she couldn’t help but want him by her side to raise the twins. They deserved more than a part-time father.

Padmé sighed. "What are we going to do? We haven’t had the time to plan this out. I’m sure we can’t keep this a secret much longer.”

"I know. I am tired of hiding. I’ll tell the Coun-" Anakin was interrupted when a medical droid came in the room with Luke in his crib. "Your son is perfectly healthy and after a difficult birth very strong, I must say."

"He takes after his father," Padmé said. Anakin blushed.

"He is also very hungry." The droid brought Luke over to Padmé so she could feed him.


Early that morning Anakin went back to his quarters at the Jedi Temple to get some sleep. The sun was beginning to rise as exhaustion took over his mind and body. As he slumped down on the bed he never used anymore his consciousness was quickly taken to a different realm. However, Jedi do not dream.

Flames surrounded him as well as the sounds of blaster fire. Rising from his bed he found the Jedi Temple under attack. Clone troopers were burning the place to the ground and shooting all the Padawans, regardless if they were unarmed or defending their lives. A trooper held a blaster to a defenseless youngling hiding behind a pillar.

Instinctively Anakin ignited his lightsaber to cut the clone down one handed. The boy ran to Anakin’s side and took his free hand. Tears streamed down his face. “Master Skywalker, there is too many of them. What are we going to do?”

A familiar voice answered. “There is nothing you can do. You are powerless to stop this. The Jedi will pay for their treason. As will you Anakin.”

Anakin stood frozen. Palpatine materialized before him. He used to be his voice of reason. The one he could speak to about anything and not receive some lecture from the Jedi teachings. Palpatine let him be himself and offered him anything he desired.

“You may have saved Padmé but she will not always be immune to death. You cannot save everyone you care about.”

Through the corner of Anakin’s eye he saw Obi-Wan on the floor, a scorching hole through his chest. “Master!” Anakin ran to his side and lifted his brother into his arms.

His former Master looked at him though his eyes were lifeless. It was too late. Obi-Wan’s familiar words echoed in his head, “In time even stars die out.”

His blood boiled with anger. Before he could turn to attack Palpatine he felt a blade pierce through him from behind. Everything faded around him, the sounds of shooting, the smell of battle, and the last thing he saw was Palpatine’s friendly smile and his faint voice say, “And they called you the Chosen One.”

Drenched in sweat and trembling Anakin sat up in his bed. The room was quiet except for his ragged breathing. His head fell into his hands trying to erase the images from his vision. Not just the images but also the feeling of death from the Jedi, the younglings, Obi-Wan, himself.

If he died who would protect Padmé and the twins? Palpatine knew of their marriage, knew she was pregnant and of his nightmare. Even used his fear against him.

Grabbing a shirt he threw it on over his sleep pants. He ran bare foot to the training room and worked out his anger and aggression. In his haste he forgot his lightsaber and was forced to into hand to hand combat with training droids.

He trusted Palpatine. He was his friend, his mentor and it was all a lie. A façade, one even he, the most powerful Jedi there was, couldn’t see through. That is what angered him the most in this moment. That he was easily manipulated.

What made Anakin feel even sicker was that he still craved the Sith’s knowledge and the power of the dark side. That pull was still there. He felt Palpatine’s betrayal. Palpatine would kill him but he still could not denounce him.

After destroying nearly everything he could in the room he slumped down against the wall. His body ached. He couldn’t even clear his mind.

The attack on the Temple would happen soon. He would warn the Jedi tomorrow during the council meeting.


In the afternoon, after a cold shower and some meditation, Anakin went back to visit Padmé and the twins. He stood in the doorway and watched Padmé holding each of them in her arms and singing to them. He didn't recognize the song but thought it must have been a Nubian lullaby.

He’ll come after them. If he kills me he’ll come after them.

Palpatine would not give up his power and he would turn everyone against the Jedi. Now that the war was over the Jedi that were in combat were on their way to Coruscant. Anakin knew that's when Palpatine would act against them and anyone else who opposed him.

His thoughts were interrupted when Padmé said, "How long are you going to stand in the doorway?" Anakin sat next to her on the bed and softly kissed her lips.

“What’s in the bag?” she asked.

Anakin opened the large gift bag and pulled out the gifts one at a time. “I bought flowers for you.”

Padmé’s face lit up, “Ani, they’re beautiful. Thank you.”

He placed them on the table beside him and reached back into the bag and pulled out two small plushies in the shape of star fighters, one pink, and one blue, “And I bought these for our children.”

“Those are so cute.” Anakin took the blue one and moved it in a circle above the twins making flying and shooting sounds. The babies just looked up and didn’t seem to be amused so he stopped.

"What was that song you were singing?"

She handed Luke over to Anakin. He accepted his son more at ease holding his child today.

"Little Bird. My mother used to sing it to me. It’s a very old Nubian lullaby."

Anakin nodded. Then with a humorous smile he said, “Don’t get angry with me when I ask this, how are you feeling?”

“Tired and hungry,” she sighed and shifted, “and sore.” She looked down at Leia and brushed her finger against her soft skin, “But complete.”

“You were wonderful through it all.” Anakin turned his head to look down at Luke. “I sensed everything you felt and was scared,” he murmured.

With her free hand she turned Anakin’s head to meet his gaze. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Anakin pressed his lips to her forehead. Their tender moment was quickly interrupted.

Threepio, with Artoo trailing behind, came in carrying a big bouquet of flowers. "Mistress Padmé, these arrived for you. They're from Queen Apailana."

Padmé’s eyes widened, "The Queen?"

"Yes, she called for you yesterday. Sabé told her you were here."

"She was probably shocked to hear the news. I need to speak to her anyway."

Anakin took the data card to read it’s message, “Why does the card say, ‘Get Well Soon’?”

“Sabé did not tell the Queen the circumstances, only that you were admitted to the Medical Center.”

Padmé was somewhat relieved. “Well, that buys us some more time.”


After a twenty-four hour stay Padmé and the twins were released from the medical center. After Anakin brought them to Padmé’s apartment and helped them get settled in he headed to the Temple for the council meeting.

After debriefings and other business having to do with the war the topic changed to the failed attempt to arrest the Chancellor. Anakin stated, “I feel Palpatine is going to strike against the Jedi very soon.”

Yoda nodded, “Sensed that too, I have.”

“I had a,” he looked at Yoda in the eye, “a– vision. The clone troopers were the ones attacking the Temple.” The anger in his voice was apparent and he didn’t bother to hide it from the Masters in the room. “After three years of fighting side by side, Palpatine is going to turn them against us.”

Obi-Wan sat back and stroked his beard. "They serve the Republic, not the Jedi. The Chancellor will not give up his emergency powers. It is only a matter of time before he address the Senate of his intentions to rule as Emperor and turns the Republic against us. Whenever this attack happens the Grand Army outnumbers the Jedi, but we have the Force on our side and we are a step ahead. Some of us should confront him and arrest him right away and this time succeed."

There was a moment of silence for Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin. The bodies, except for Master Windu’s, were sent to the Temple. It was a warning of what was to come.

Anakin kept his eyes on Obi-Wan. His anger rose as images Obi-Wan’s corpse in his arms returned. He then spoke up. "Still, we need to prepare a defense strategy and hide the younglings somewhere safe. I should go confront Sidious. I could have helped Master Windu but I was ordered stay here. We would have had Palpatine in custody right now."

"Absolutes the Jedi do not deal with. Strong enough you are not to face Sidious."

"With all due respect Master Yoda I am the chosen one and I feel I should be the one to go."

All the council members felt the tension building in the room and they looked at one another. Obi-Wan shook his head at Anakin’s arrogance. Yoda kept his eyes on Anakin. "Much confusion I still sense in you. Stay here, you will. Go will I to confront Sidious. Master Ti in charge of the Temple’s defense she will be. Follow her instructions you will. May the Force be with us."

Anakin did not stay at the temple. Instead he decided to go to Padmé's apartment. He needed to know she and the twins would be protected should the attack happen today.

Obi-Wan wanted to speak to Anakin about giving Yoda back talk. He may not have been his Padawan anymore but he still felt responsible for him. He saw Anakin head toward the exit and he followed, quite certain he was headed for the Senate Building.


Padmé put the twins down in their cribs. She admired the way Sabé decorated the nursery while she was in the med center but also felt sad she didn’t get a chance to set up their room herself. She looked over at Leia in her crib draped in pink and white lace. She watched her daughter sleeping, her breath in a slow steady rhythm. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. Padmé turned to look over at Luke in his crib, draped in blue and white satin. He was fidgeting and squirming. His big blue eyes looked up at his mother. She smiled and brushed his peach fuzz, blonde hair with her fingers. She whispered, “Go to sleep now, Luke. I love you.”

Padmé thought about what their lives would be like now that she and Anakin have children. Their marriage was still a secret and only a select few people close to Padmé knew she was now a mother. She thought about how demanding being a Senator was and all the times her life was in danger. Time is precious. She wanted to be there for her children and didn’t want to miss out on their lives.

Padmé noticed Luke drifted off to sleep so she went to her bedroom to change into her Senatorial Robes. Her hair had already been styled and she dismissed her handmaidens. Sabé took Threepio to pick up some supplies while Dormé went ahead to the Senate as her decoy. While she was changing into her chemise, she felt Anakin come behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. Captain Typho must have let him trough security without her knowledge again. Padmé turned to face him.

"I’ve been called to attend a Senate Session. My attendance is required."

Anakin grunted with disapproval, "You should rest. Can’t you send someone else in your place?"

“No. I don’t want to raise any suspicion, besides this will be my last Session for a while. I resigned today.”

“How did the Queen react?”

“I just told her that I am now a mother to twins and I can’t continue to serve. She was very surprised but she agreed I was making the right decision.”

“She must have had many questions,” Anakin said.

“I told her only what she needed to know. She understood that I wanted to keep some answers private. In my public statement I will say I resigned because of health reasons. I will finish out the week when my interim arrives from Naboo.”

Anakin held her hands in his, afraid to let go. “So what does this mean? Are you going to stay here or go back to Naboo?”

Padmé looked down at their hands intertwined. “I thought we all could go to Naboo for a while and stay with my parents till we figure everything out.”

Anakin gave her a suspicious look. “You told them? Didn’t you?”

Padmé looked up into his eyes with confusion. “I thought we agreed this morning not to hide anymore. That we would tell only the people closest to us and leave all this behind and begin our lives together, quietly without the media’s attention.”

Anakin held on to Padmé and pulled her closer to him. “Our home is here. I can’t leave now.”

“Why not?” She paused and frowned, “You didn’t tell the Council.”

Anakin hesitated and then said, “I’ll tell the Council soon, and then we can leave for Naboo. I promise, my love.”

Anakin leaned down to kiss Padmé. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her his nightmare and he failed to mention that Palpatine was the Sith Lord the Jedi have been looking for. He didn’t want to leave the Order till he knew Sidious was destroyed; and if Anakin killed him himself and fulfilled the prophecy maybe he could convince the Council to let him still be a Jedi despite the fact that he disobeyed the Code.

Their kiss broke when a member of the Senator’s security team entered the room and cleared his throat. Masking his embarrassment he announced, “Master Kenobi is here to speak with Master Skywalker.”

A surprised Anakin found Obi-Wan in the common room. "Obi-Wan, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing. I've been trying to catch up with you since you left the Council Chamber. You flew over here like a maniac. I-" Obi-Wan was cut short when he heard a baby crying in the distance.

Anakin looked toward the room and back at Obi-Wan. Padmé was busy getting dressed and he couldn't ignore his child. He figured this was as good a time as any to tell Obi-Wan the truth. Anakin walked into the nursery and picked up Luke. Cradling Luke in his arms he reached out through the Force to calm him. Obi-Wan walked in and couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t need to see how Luke resembled Anakin, and he didn’t need to use the Force to know Anakin was the child’s father. Obi-Wan had always known Anakin and Padmé had feelings for each other but was not aware of how far they had taken them. He then noticed another crib in the room draped in pink. “You’re their father.” It was more of a statement than a question.

Anakin hesitated to answer. “Yes, why are you looking at me like that?”

Obi-Wan felt sad and disappointed in Anakin. “I feel like I failed you. I couldn’t make you understand what it means to be a Jedi and to follow the Code. You couldn’t let go of your attachments.”

“Obi-Wan I understand all that but I am strong enough to do both. I can be a Jedi, a husband, and a father.” Anakin shifted the crying infant in his arms.

Obi-Wan didn’t want to believe how arrogant Anakin was being. “You are a powerful Jedi and the Chosen One, but that doesn’t mean you’re above the Code. None of us are. The rules are there for a reason. You can’t pick and chose which ones to follow.”

“I know how high you regard the Code, Obi-Wan, but maybe the Code is wrong. I am sorry that I lied to you all these years. I felt guilty about that but I don’t feel guilty for loving Padmé and I don’t regret marrying her.”

“You have to tell the Council.”

Anakin couldn’t look at him. He didn’t want to get expelled but couldn’t ask Obi-Wan to lie for him. “I’ll tell them once we’ve dealt with Sidious.”

Padmé walked in to check on the twins before she left. “Hello, Obi-Wan.”

“Hello, Padmé.” There was a small awkward silence before Padmé said, “I’m sorry you had to find out this way. We never meant to lie to you. Everything was just – complicated.”

“I’m sorry too.”

“I have to leave. I’m running late. Sabé and Threepio just informed me they are on their way back. Ani, could you stay here till they return?”

Anakin was still not happy about Padmé going to the Session but nodded. He could stay a few minutes and then go to the Senate. Confront Sidious just as the session was adjourned.

Luke still had not stopped crying. "Before you go I think Luke's got a- situation here."

Padmé gave Anakin a look and Obi-Wan couldn't help but smile to himself. "You know how to change a diaper." With that Padmé gave her husband and children a kiss goodbye and said goodbye to Obi-Wan.


Somehow the news got around Coruscant that Senator Amidala was admitted to the hospital for an undisclosed health reason. Sidious knew better. He had known Padmé was pregnant and he found out through his spies that she was admitted early in the evening and close to midnight she delivered twins. A Jedi did not leave her room till dawn.

Many good things would happen for Sidious tonight. As of this moment one of his Hands were eliminating the Separatist leaders on Mustafar. The Jedi would be killed, he would declare himself Emperor, but the prize he valued the most would be the abduction of the Skywalker twins.

Sidious turned on his comlink and the image of a Stormtrooper appeared. “Carry out Order 66”

“Yes, my lord.”

Sidious turned off his comlink and turned to one of his hired assassins. They gave each other a nod and the assassin left Palpatine’s office. Sidious made his way to the Senate Chamber, with an evil grin on his face the whole walk over.


Obi-Wan waited in the living room while Anakin was changing Luke. Anakin had done so only a few times but was still having trouble figuring out which way a diaper goes on. After building C3PO and making special modifications on his starfighter, a task like this should seem simple; but Threepio and his starfighter didn't cry and squirm like Luke was right now. After getting Luke back to sleep Anakin joined Obi-Wan in the living room. They turned on the HoloNet receiver to watch the Live Senate Session.

Palpatine stood in his pod in the center of the Senate Chamber. The hood of his blood red velvet robe was draped over his disfigured face. His new appearance showing the true evil person he was underneath. He started to elaborate and bring evidence forth on how the Jedi tried to assassinate him and take control of the Republic. Obi-Wan and Anakin looked at each other expecting this to happen. They felt a great disturbance in the Force. Artoo was on the veranda and started beeping in what sounded like a screaming alert. Anakin and Obi-Wan came out to join him to see what the commotion was about. What they saw brought more pain and sorrow to what they already sensed through the Force. They saw the Jedi Temple under attack, smoke rising from its spires. They could feel the countless lives of their fellow Jedi transfer into the Force and the countless others that were still trying to defend themselves and the Temple.

This was much worse than his nightmare. The pain and suffering Anakin was feeling was real, surging through his body like an electric shock. The room seemed to be spinning beneath his feet. "We have to do something. He won’t get away with this. You should go to help the others defend the Temple and I should confront Sidious." Anakin was heading for his air speeder.

"Anakin, you need to stay here and watch your children. Yoda is on his way to face Sidious. I will go to the Temple."

Behind them Sabé and Threepio walked in. Seeing them walk in Anakin became more eager to leave. “Sabé is here now. We have to end this. I won’t have Sidious destroy the Jedi.”

Sabé having just walked in was taken back to see Anakin and Master Kenobi arguing in her mistress’s home. “What is going on here? Where is Senator Amidala?”

Anakin walked over to her, “She had to attend an urgent Senate-” Anakin felt something was wrong in the nursery and walked past Sabé, nearly knocking her over, to see what the disturbance was.

When he came to the threshold he found the figure of a man with his hood draped over his head standing over Leia's crib. Anakin ignited his lightsaber and ran toward the mysterious man prepared to defend his children. The man ignited his own red lightsaber to attack. Their lightsabers clashed and Anakin Force pushed him into the wall. The man quickly recovered and aimed to slash Anakin's head off when Obi-Wan's lightsaber interfered. Two against one they kept fighting and circling between the cribs. Sabé wanted to take the twins out of the room but found it hard to maneuver her way between the fighting to get to them. The hooded man attempted to slash Obi-Wan, but Obi-Wan’s reflexes were quicker. He missed and grazed through Leia’s crib burning off the pink lace and satin and chopping one of the legs off. Before the crib could fall Anakin used the Force to hold it up and keep it leveled. Anakin didn't want this fight to continue so close to where his children were now crying. He aggressively advanced the man toward the window where he broke in. After breaking the glass with his lightsaber Anakin pushed the man out the window. Sabé screamed and quickly took the twins out of the room. Anakin released his Force hold and let the crib fall to the floor. Using the Force the man landed on the roof of the building stories below and across their building and ran toward his speeder.

Anakin was about to follow him when Obi-Wan grabbed his arm. "Go get Padmé. Take your family away from Coruscant." Then Obi-Wan jumped out the window and went after the kidnapper, jumping into the back of his speeder just in time.

Anakin turned toward the nursery. Except for the crib the damage was not bad. It was a shame the effort put into the décor was wasted. He helped the handmaiden put the twins down in Luke’s crib. “Sabé, pack as much as you can and as quickly as you can. We have to leave as soon as the Senate is dismissed.”


Palpatine was still speaking to the Senate. "The war is over. The Separatists have been defeated, and the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. We stand on the threshold of a new beginning." The Senate Chamber thundered with applause. Padmé was not cheering. She turned to Senator Organa, "Well, this is the moment we discover if he intends to return the Republic to a democracy."

Palpatine made eye contact with Padmé, the stare of his eyes sending an ice-cold chill down her back. Padmé still would not look away, as if it was a staring contest she was determined to win. She shivered and Dormé asked, “Are you all right, my lady?”

Padmé did not break eye contact, “I’m fine.”

Palpatine continued speaking, "In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years. An Empire that will continue to be ruled by this august body, and a sovereign ruler chosen for life." The majority of the Senate stood up in their pods and continued to cheer and applaud.

Padmé eyes welled up with tears. "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." She said it more to herself than to Senator Organa. She couldn't believe her ears yet she wasn't surprised. The Republic hadn't been a democracy for some time now. She somehow knew Palpatine never intended to return his powers. Padmé was devastated. Bail started to stand, "We cannot let this happen." Padmé grabbed his arm to stop him, "Not now! There will be a time."

They both turned when Sabé entered the pod chamber. "Mil'lady, you must come with me. There's been-" she paused to whisper in Padmé’s ear, "a break in. Master Skywalker and the children are waiting outside."

"Senator Organa, please excuse me." Padmé quickly left not caring that the Senate was still in session.


Anakin was waiting by the speeder that he parked in an alley behind the Senate building. Luke and Leia had cried the whole ride over. While Sabé went inside to get Padmé, Anakin meditated to calm his nerves. He knew his children could sense his fear and anxiety but through his meditation they were able to calm down and go back to sleep. Anakin saw Padmé run towards him and she ran into his arms. "Sabé told me what happen. Are our children all right?" Padmé stepped into the speeder to check on the twins.

"They weren't harmed. We'll be safer once we leave Coruscant. I'll meet you at your ship. If I'm not there in an hour I'll meet you on Naboo."

She grabbed Anakin's arm, "Where are you going?"

"To confront Palpatine. He's the Sith Lord we've been looking for. I'm going to end this tonight."

After hearing Palpatine’s speech Padmé was not surprised by this news. Her first concern was to get as far away from the new Emperor and protect her children. He was not to be underestimated and if Anakin faced him tonight she feared she would lose him forever.

"Anakin, there will be a time to face him. Right now I need you and our children need you. I can’t protect them alone."

Anakin knew she was right but he still felt he had to fulfill his destiny before it was too late. "You will be all right. I can destroy him and then we won't have to run. We can be together and make things right again."

Padmé didn’t like the meaning behind those words. She had to find a way to persuade him to come with her. She took his face in her hands and looked deeply into his blue eyes, "I'm not leaving here without you. We have to protect our family now. You can confront Palpatine another time. Please, come with us."

Anakin knew arguing with his wife would be useless, especially since he knew she was right. However, deciding not to face Sidious that night was something he would regret for a long time.

Disclaimer: Destiny Can Wait is a work of fan fiction.
Author’s Note: Lyrics from ‘What’s Simple is True’ by Jewel. Some dialogue is from Revenge of the Sith.

Chapter 2

Tags: fandom: star wars, genre: action, genre: drama, rating: teen, title: destiny can wait, type: chapter

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